Modix large format 3d printing fdm print farm
Modix large format 3d printing fdm print farm

Modix 3D Printer Review

Apr 22, 2024

We proudly operate a fleet of first-generation Modix Big 60 machines. Large format 3D printing is a vital part of our business, and the Modix printers deliver solid performance without overpromising. It’s basically the Honda Civic of large format 3D printers. It’s a quality build straight out of the box that will give you a great bang for its buck. From there, if you’re the kind of person who likes to mod out and upgrade things, you can turn it into anything you’d like. Since we've had the Modix Big 60 Machines for years, you better believe we have built and rebuilt these things more times over than a souped-up car from The Fast and the Furious.

So while, on the outside, these might look a little beat up, with broken panels and taped-on insulation, don’t let your eyes deceive you. Under the hood, we have tweaked, tuned, and overhauled every aspect to precision.

Modix large format 3d printing fdm red pla

What to look out for!

If you want to print huge parts out of polycarbonate, proceed with caution. Any material that likes to shrink and warp will like to do so even more as parts gets larger. And while a heated bed and enclosure are a great start, that’s usually not enough to get the job done, especially with really large parts that have complicated features. For this reason, we love to run materials like PLA, PLA Pro, and PETG on our Modix machines. But, shape dependent, we can rely on them for great parts out of engineering materials as well, particularly ASA which is one of the more forgiving filaments.

So in conclusion, if you’re interested in a Modix, be ready to be hands-on, and approach it with reasonable expectations. If you do this, you should be pleasantly surprised with the results, and it could be a game changer for you or your business.

large format 3d printing modix part post processing